Investment products for an emerging asset ecosystem

Investment Philosophy

As a hybrid asset manager with decades of experience managing risk for sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and major institutional investors, Trovio has developed several dedicated strategies with strong track records across both traditional and digital assets. Building off our broad expertise across risk management, portfolio construction, and signal generation, our focus is to continue to deliver alpha for our clients.

Best-in-class risk management team

Trovio provides institutionally recognisable investment products that take full advantage of traditional and frontier markets. Through our deep roots in traditional and digital funds management, Trovio has created a safe, secure, and regulated gateway to the emerging asset investment landscape.

Institutional Infrastructure

Trovio Group utilises institutional-grade infrastructure to create a safe, secure and regulated gateway to the emerging asset investment landscape. With preferential collateral agreements, favourable interest rates and fees, and strong bilateral relationships, Trovio Group provides investors unique access to products and solutions across both traditional and digital asset classes.

Industry Reach and Reputation

Trovio Group has long-term preferential relationships with top-tier service providers as well as a long track record and experience managing funds with a fully audited track record. Acting as a critical partner for industry innovation provides Trovio with various opportunities to further optimise operations across alternatives such as carbon and digital assets.


The team at Trovio Group have a proven track record in generating high-quality returns and outperformance. The collective team have run alternative asset strategies at Man Global Investments and Glenwood Captial Investments. Coupled with expertise in running global trading businesses at Merril Lynch, Pendal and JP Morgan.

Who we are

What we do

The world is undergoing a merger of traditional markets, assets and client interactions with the digital asset ecosystem. Drawing on a multi-disciplined team of some of the true leaders in the space, Trovio delivers a world-class gateway to the new economy across a range of functions.


Vimal Gor
Chief Investment Officer