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Investment Philosophy

Trovio provides institutional-grade products for sophisticated global investors. Our investment process starts with understanding how the world’s markets and economies work and then challenges conventional wisdom where fresh insights are needed. By leveraging our teams long experience in structuring and risk-management across multiple asset classes, we are able to deliver safe, transparent access to new investment opportunities and new ventures.

Managed Funds

As a hybrid asset manager, Trovio has developed several dedicated strategies with strong track records across both traditional and digital assets. Built on the team's broad expertise across risk management, portfolio and signal generation, our focus is to continue to deliver alpha for our clients.

Meet some of our Asset Management Team

Our team are highly experienced, multi-asset traditional finance and portfolio managers with a native understanding of the digital landscape. Through Trovio’s hybrid business model, the team’s asset management expertise is further augmented by Trovio’s Global Technology Team, who have digital asset experience spanning back to DigiCash.

What we do

Who we are

The world is undergoing a merger of traditional markets, assets and client interactions with the digital asset ecosystem. Drawing on a multi-disciplined team of some of the true leaders in the space, Trovio delivers a world class gateway to the new economy across a range of functions.


Ivan Nurminsky
Portfolio Manager
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