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What is Projects?

Focused on harnessing the advantages of the emerging world where value is driven by real, transparent value creation, Labs Projects brings innovative solutions to market in a collaborative effort by leveraging our core technology, commercial philosophies and the wider community.

Commodities Market Infrastructure (CMI)

Commodities Market Infrastructure (CMI) is a project developed jointly by Trovio and the leading ethical commodities protocol, Watr. CMI will launch in 2023 as a decentralized market-place & ecosystem for physical commodities, enabling the physical commodities industry to supply liquidity directly to fully regulated commodity marketplaces without the need for 3rd party intermediaries. CMI will simultaneously provide an opportunity for working capital, otherwise trapped in physical commodities, to generate a yield whilst also offering new avenues and opportunities for the commodities industry to distribute their physical products globally.

Carbon Management Solutions (CMS)

Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) is being developed jointly with Sebrina Holdings and partially funded by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). CMS is an extension of Trovio’s Digital Registry Solutions, providing an immutable and cryptographically secured digital registry for the Singapore Carbon market, as well as a decarbonization platform for the physical commodities industry across the region. Trovio’s core technology provides the ability to bond physical commodities and retired carbon credits, creating new assets that retain their carbon neutrality in perpetuity. The first industry that CMS is working with is the Singapore Fuel Oil market (bunker fuel), to provide it with decarbonized fuel for the shipping industry.

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