Passive income opportunities, backed by technical expertise

Trovio's Staking

Staking refers to using digital assets to secure the operation of a distributed network and earning rewards in return. By allocating or “locking-up” assets within a protocol, stakers enable ongoing operation of the blockchain network, and are compensated in native tokens produced and distributed by the protocol. Trovio’s Staking services provides our clients with a simple, market-leading end-to-end solution for accessing staking rewards. Removing the need to take on the complexity of running a blockchain node, Staking allows clients to leverage Trovio’s robust cyber security expertise, operational and technical experience, and existing custody partners to earn rewards securely.

Why Trovio?


A decentralized ecosystem offers additional opportunities to derive returns for emerging networks. Trovio provides institutional infrastructure to enable our clients to stake alongside us.

Our Supported Networks

Trovio is currently operating a Fantom validator node with Ethereum coming online soon. Plans to support networks in 2023.