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What is Trovio Technology?

Trovio Technology enables our partners to interface and create value within the digital economy. Decades of real industry experience has meant that our solutions provide a balanced approach that allows our partners to expand and leverage the opportunities of the new digital world with the robustness and regulatory compliance that meets best practice. Trovio equips the commodities industry with the necessary tools to navigate the changing competitive environment.

Extensive experience in delivering scalable solutions

Trovio’s uniquely experienced team has led the way in developing and implementing new frontier technologies since the 1990s. Through a range of scalable solutions, the team at Trovio have been responsible for influencing some key technology moments in history. We have deep roots in the original digital currencies and the cypherpunk movement. Our team were integral in the development of eCash, the first digital bearer instrument and privacy-protected electronic payment which ultimately led to the technology behind modern-day cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What we do

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Trovio provides technology solutions designed to enable our partners to interface and create value within the digital economy. Our proprietary technology solutions create additional opportunities to value-add physical commodities, increase market opportunities through new distribution channels, as well as create new product and differentiation verticals for our partners.

Meet our Technology Leadership Team

Trovio's Technology Team are innovators with extensive experience in financial technology.


Andreas Ruf
Head of Technology
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