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What is 
Blockchain Technology

Trovio uses blockchain technology to enable our partners to be at the forefront of a new wave in commodities, reshaping how business is conducted through improved trading, custody and transactional infrastructure. A phenomenon that has set an inevitable course for a future where participants demand direct ownership of assets that are auditable, secure, and immediately tradeable. Blockchain technology allows our partners to tokenise assets either directly or indirectly out of the Digital Registry Solution so that these assets can be distributed on public marketplaces – centralised or decentralised – or private blockchains.

Key features of Trovio's Blockchain Technology

By utilising blockchain technology and tokenising commodities, assets can take advantage of the benefits that come with a new suite of characteristics.

Chain Agnostic

Trovio’s Blockchain Technology is chain agnostic which means that we can build and develop solutions that operate on any underlying blockchain technology. Previous projects have been mostly based around EVM networks such as Ethereum and Fantom, but we can work with others too.

Innovative Financing Solutions

With the ability to streamline traditional financing solutions, while improving transparency and security for all participants, Blockchain Technology opens the door to new opportunities that drive efficiencies in financial operations of our partners.

Improved Asset Utility

With a wide range of new features inherent to next generation assets, come an ever-expanding number of novel use cases for partner products. Explore ways to extract new value or leverage your current assets with Blockchain Technology.

Case Study - The Perth Mint Gold Token

PMGT brings The Perth Mint's inventory of physical gold to the public Ethereum network by deeply integrating The Perth Mint's investment platform GoldPass with an ERC20 smart contract. Each PMGT is backed by an ounce of GoldPass digital gold certificates, guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. With GoldPass, powered by its Digital Registry Solution, and as the issuer of PMGT, Trovio have created a digital asset infrastructure that enables seamless transition of digitised metals onto the public blockchain and back, assured by processes and procedures reviewed by Ernst & Young and Sigma Prime and auditable in real-time. Additionally, Trovio are providing market making services for PMGT to stream 24x7 pricing information and liquidity onto a number of digital asset market places.

Explore what’s possible for your business

Trovio provides a suite of products designed to enable our partners to interface and create value within the digital economy. Our proprietary technology solutions create additional opportunities to value-add physical commodities, increase market opportunities through new distribution channels, as well as create new product and differentiation verticals for our partners.

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