Digital Carbon Infrastructure

Technology at the forefront of decarbonisation

What is Digital

With the generational shift in consumer choice towards carbon neutrality and ESG being front of mind, Trovio’s Digital Carbon Infrastructure enables our partners the ability to capture and securely link supply chain history with products to meet environmental and social compliance needs, or by linking them with carbon offsetting to bring carbon neutral products to market. By understanding the environmental and social aspects of where and how physical commodities are sourced and taken to market, Trovio delivers a technological solution that enables our partners to definitively track, and immutably store, this critical data.

Digital Carbon Infrastructure

Digital Carbon Infrastructure is about the generational shift in consumer choice, giving our partners the ability to offer their products, designed and delivered to meet changing standards. By understanding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of where and how physical commodities are sourced and taken to market, Trovio delivers technological solutions that enable our partners to definitively track, and immutable store, this critical data.

Key Features of
 Digital Asset Registry

The investment decisions that we make today will dictate how our world will look in the future. Trovio’s Digital Carbon Infrastructure provides a variety of solutions to solve critical environmental problems.

Digital Carbon Registry Solutions

Our proprietary digital registry offers a cryptographically secured solution for carbon markets. Providing API connectivity to offer retirement/surrender of carbon credits directly from 3rd party platforms, to enable the scaling of decarbonisation globally.

Decarbonisation Platform

Trovio offers the ability for our clients to decarbonise physical assets. Bonding retired carbon credits directly with physical assets in perpetuity, creating new completely decarbonised assets. Providing clear audit trails of carbon neutrality of physically commodities.

Winner of ESG Innovation of the Year

GoldZero, the solution that’s delivering the world’s first net-zero carbon emissions gold exchange-traded fund (ETF), has been awarded the 2021 “ESG innovation of the year (funds & portfolios)” by Environmental Finance.

Case Study - GoldZero

Partnering with the world’s leading voluntary carbon credit market, Xpansiv CBL Markets* , Trovio has developed a solution that will deliver the world’s first carbon neutral gold ETF on a leading Australian exchange. Working with Pangolin to ensure the federal government’s Climate Action certification, Trovio is enabling key partners to deliver a new solution for a changing investment landscape in the gold industry.

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Trovio provides a suite of products designed to enable our partners to interface and create value within the digital economy. Our proprietary technology solutions create additional opportunities to value-add physical commodities, increase market opportunities through new distribution channels, as well as create new product and differentiation verticals for our partners.

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