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What is Digital 
Registry Solutions

Trovio’s Digital Registry Solutions is the digital on-ramp for the trading of physical commodities and is a gateway into other digital registries. It provides our partners with an immutable, cryptographically secured transaction registry that supports uniquely identifiable products to be represented as a non-fungible, infinitely fractionable digital certificate. Digital assets can be enriched with provenance, production and supply chain data, creating a comprehensive system that connects asset depository information with user accounts, improving transparency and enabling frictionless instant trading in next-generation digital asset marketplaces and the creation of new data enhance products. Trovio’s Digital Registry Solutions equips the commodities industry to step into the digital future and gain access to a world of new opportunities.

Digital Registry Solutions

Entering the digital landscape with Digital Registry Solutions. Delivered as a Platform-as-a-Serivce (PaaS) solution to our clients, Trovio’s multi-asset digital registry solution integrates with trading services, banking rails, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) providers, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and redemption processes to provide a platform for partners for the rapidly emerging digital economy.

Key Features of Digital Asset Registry

The world is undergoing a merger of traditional markets, assets and client interactions with the digital asset ecosystem. Drawing on a multi-disciplined team of some of the true leaders in the space, Trovio's digital registry solution delivers a world-class gateway to the new economy.

Access to Digital Marketplaces

While maintaining native branding and data ownership, you can use Trovio’s Digital Registry Solution to engage with clients directly and deliver digital assets to them through a mobile application, or browser-based web wallet. With Trovio’s Digital Registry Solutions, you can stream pricing and liquidity into some of the largest retail and institutional marketplaces in the world.

Data Enrichment

The digital certificates provide an infinite number of fields to enrich your products with supply chain data across provenance and carbon scoring. Providing immutable data points to value-add your products, offering new opportunities to differentiate your products as well as provide critical ESG data to your shareholders and capital partners.

Scalability & Management of Digital Assets

Digital Registry Solutions integrates with existing digital products, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), inventory and risk management systems, and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes. It enables you to issue fully tradeable digital assets that represent legal title over the physical assets in your inventory. The solution creates the ability to include unique supply chain data for every transaction, with interoperability across registries. It provides a permanent record of title for a range of asset types.

Case Study - Goldpass for the Perth Mint

Digital Registry Solutions has been operational in the market since October 2018. The Perth Mint, the world’s largest refinery of newly minted gold, partnered with Trovio to launch GoldPass. GoldPass is a natively branded, digital investment platform (app) that enables users to buy and sell digital certificates that represent a range of precious metals. Unique digitally secured certificates are minted cryptographically on Trovio’s servers containing detailed information over physcial gold and/or silver stored in the vaults of The Perth Mint. Each certificate is 100% backed with physical precious metal that is guaranteed by the government of Western Australia. And the corresponding digital certificates are stored in a digital vault and secured using bank-level technology and security.

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Trovio provides a suite of products designed to enable our partners to interface and create value within the digital economy. Our proprietary technology solutions create additional opportunities to value-add physical commodities, increase market opportunities through new distribution channels, as well as create new product and differentiation verticals for our partners.

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