A Long History of Success


Where it began...

The team at Trovio has deep roots into the original cypherpunk movement. Having been core members of the original DigiCash team in the 1990s alongside David Chaum. Over the course of the next two decades, the team developed, commercialised and sold a number of successful technology solutions across market infrastructure.

  • 2017
    Trovio Group Incorporated
    Digi.Cash and Digital Access Australia incorporated and seeded the original Trovio Technology business.
  • 2021
    Strategic Investment in Blockhead Technologies
    Blockhead Technologies provides core provenance solutions that integrates directly into Trovio’s digital registry platforms.
  • 2021
    Digital Finance Co-operative Research Centre (DFCRC)
    Trovio became the leading industry partner in a multi-disciplinary consortium examining the evolution of digital finance ($181m funding).
  • 2022
    Launched CorTenX
    CorTenX is a purpose-built digital registry that scales environmental solutions to effect real climate action and force transparency on participants.
  • 2022
    Launched Digital Registry Solution for ABC Refinery
    GoldSafe is a cryptographically secured digital registry that interfaces with ABC Refinery’s existing CRM and risk infrastructure. Enabling ABC Refinery to interface directly with the digital economy.
  • 2023
    Clean Energy Regulator (CER) Engaged Trovio to Build Registry
    Using CorTenX, Trovio will develop and deliver the new Unit & Certificate Register for the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU).
  • 2023
    Completed Lower Carbon Fuel Oil Transaction with Chevron
    Using Trovio's CorTenX, Chevron partnered with Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) to complete lower carbon fuel oil transactions in Singapore.
  • 2024
    Partnered with Accounting For Nature to Enhance Carbon Offsets
    Together they are developing the digital infrastructure to link genuine environmental improvements to eligible high-integrity carbon offset units.

Trovio’s Enviromental Commitment

In today's world, how we contribute to the protection of the environment and the carbon footprint of our activities must be front of mind. While the digital asset industry is seeing strong trends towards renewable energy, Trovio is committed to using our position to maximise innovation in the carbon industry and minimise net emissions of our assets and operations.

Trovio will continue to commit significant resources to initiatives aimed at changing the way businesses, governments and individuals access decarbonization functionality using digital asset infrastructure, as well as offering a growing number of products that bring carbon neutrality to the forefront of commercial decision making.

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