Delivering Solutions Designed for Environmental Markets

Risk Systems Built by Traders

Built for data-enriched assets, Trovio delivers scalable solutions for environmental commodities. CorTenX provides risk management and PMS infrastructure across; inventory management, project offtake, forwards, futures and options, all seamlessly integrated with existing credit, collateral, and cash management engines.

Risk Infrastructure

CorTenX allows companies to track assets in environmental markets, allowing for transparent risk management. The Platform allows detailed inspection of inventory across physical and financial holdings. Presenting a clean and intuitive workflow that delivers visibility of firm and client positions in a single workspace.

Scale Climate Solutions and Create Carbon Offset Products

All data linked to an asset within CorTenX can be easily enriched without any need for additional coding. Ensuring a diverse range of supply chain, provenance, and ESG data attributes can be captured.


What we do

CotTenX, Trovio's proprietary technology is a digital registry designed for environmental market participants. Take a look at how CorTenX technology enables scalable climate solutions.


Supporting the issuance, management and retirement of data-rich, non-fungible and fungible, environmental products with multi-marketplace integration, instant trading, clearing house & and settlement. Explore the future of environmental products.


Discover CorTenX

Our solutions are built on our proprietary technology CorTenX. Cryptographically secure environmental asset management infrastructure. Experience the future of sustainable solutions with CorTenX.


Asset Bonding

Reimagine environmental offsets. Where emission reduction is unable to reach zero, CorTenX’s innovative immutable bonding function provides unmatched traceability and auditability. Discover how true transparency and innovation is making a real impact.



Jelte van der Hoek
Chief Technology Architect
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