Providing a Trove of Safe and Fully Auditable Environmental Assets

Our Purpose

All assets will be repriced based on their environmental footprint. Transparency, auditability and mitigation of reputational risks will be paramount in scaling solutions for changing capital markets. Trovio’s CorTenX is a registry & sub-registry solutions-driven architecture, designed exclusively for environmental assets. A data-driven, API-first development, offered as a Platform as a Service solution with 24x7 operations. Incorporating the beneficial aspects of blockchain technology, including block-signing & block-chaining to achieve scalability and irrefutability, without the overhead of inefficient consensus mechanisms.

Introducing CorTenX

Trovio's CorTenX technology provides cryptographically secure and immutable inventory management infrastructure for environmental assets. CorTenX is an enterprise-level blockchain-based asset ledger, a single source of truth - enabling auditability and traceability, whilst mitigating reputational risks for our clients. Delivering scalable environmental solutions, to effect real climate action and forcing transparency on participants.

CorTenX: Core Functionality & Features

CorTenX stands at the forefront of innovation in environmental asset management, offering a suite of core functionalities that redefine the way environmental assets are managed and traded. Dive into the features of CorTenX, Trovio’s proprietary digital registry and sub-registry solution.


What We Do

CorTenX, Trovio's proprietary technology is a digital registry designed for environmental market participants. Take a look at how CorTenX technology enables scalable climate solutions.


Supporting the issuance, management and retirement of data-rich, non-fungible and fungible, environmental products with multi-marketplace integration, instant trading, clearing house & and settlement. Explore the future of environmental products.


Risk & Portfolio Management Solutions

Built for data-enriched assets, Trovio’s technology unlocks scaleable environmental solutions. Providing risk management and PMS infrastructure across; inventory management, project offtake, forwards, futures and options.


Asset Bonding

Reimagine environmental offsets. Where emission reduction is unable to reach zero, CorTenX’s innovative immutable bonding function provides unmatched traceability and auditability. Discover how true transparency and innovation is making a real impact.


Partner Testimonals

Andreas Ruf
Head of Technology

Meet Our Technology Leaders

Our Technology Team is at the forefront of innovation, with decades of collective experience dating back to the pioneering days of Digi.Cash. Their expertise uniquely positions CorTenX to address the evolving needs of environmental asset management in today's dynamic markets.

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