Providing an Immutable Link for Scaling Climate Solutions

Asset Bonding with CorTenX

CorTenX redefines how environmental offsets and critical data can be immutably bonded with underlying assets, delivering traceability & auditability. Explore how CorTenX transforms these markets, providing transparency, the mitigation of reputational risks, and innovation that drives real change.

Asset Bonding

CorTenX provides an immutable and traceable bonding solution for environmental offsets. Enabling the creation of net-zero products while mitigating reputational risks. Explore how CorTenX’s immutable bonding process is reshaping environmental markets.

CorTenX innovations

Trovio's innovative CorTenX asset bonding function is revolutionizing the way we approach carbon offset commodities and renewable energy reporting in today's rapidly evolving environmental landscape. With CorTenX, carbon credits and their underlying projects are seamlessly linked to physical commodities, backed by audited carbon intensity data. See how CorTenX is used by government and businesses alike.


What We Do

CotTenX, Trovio's proprietary technology is a digital registry designed for environmental market participants. Take a look at how CorTenX technology enables scalable climate solutions.


Supporting the issuance, management and retirement of data-rich, non-fungible and fungible, environmental products with multi-marketplace integration, instant trading, clearing house & and settlement. Explore the future of environmental products.


Risk & Portfolio Management Solutions

Built for data-enriched assets, Trovio’s technology unlocks scaleable environmental solutions. Providing risk management and PMS infrastructure across; inventory management, project offtake, forwards, futures and options.


Discover CorTenX

Our solutions are built on our proprietary technology CorTenX. Cryptographically secure environmental asset management infrastructure. Experience the future of sustainable solutions with CorTenX.

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