Providing seamless interaction with blockchain technology

Our Vision

At Trovio, we believe that all benchmarks and relevant assets will trade in their net-zero carbon form. Capital markets will demand transparency and immutability of institutions' sustainability steps and redefine lending and transactional markets. New technologies will be the enabler for capital markets to force change, as well as bring transparency to fragmented, inefficient and complicated markets.

Key features

CorTenX is Trovio's proprietary technology designed for a digital and evolving real-world economy.

Blockchain-Based Asset Ledger

CorTenX is a blockchain-based asset ledger purpose-built to support data-rich asset registries, integration with other registries, and provide verifiable bonding and decarbonisation services.

Data Enrichment

The transaction ledger has built-in support for configuring arbitrary metadata attributes to collect supply chain and ESG data, to cater for any commodity use case.

Traceable & Auditable

Asset transactions are handled using an unspent transaction output (UTXO) model, where total holdings are calculated from the sum of individual asset holdings rather than having system balances.

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Trovio Technology

Trovio provides technology that is designed to enable our partners to interface and create value within the digital economy. Our proprietary technology solutions create additional opportunities to value-add physical commodities, increase market opportunities through new distribution channels, as well as create new product and differentiation verticals for our partners.